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Always bring your passport to the airport. You never know when cities like Calgary or Ontario aren't actually part of the United States.

In the event of an earthquake, stop, drop and roll.
Avoid spontaneous combustion.
Be resourceful. Use your minifridge as a nightstand, so you don't have to get out of bed to drink a Red Bull.

Save money. Don't spent more than fifty cents on food per day. Eat Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Invent a holiday. Today is appreciate a Canadian day.

Be wary of dating guys who get too many pedicures.

Don't bother learning how to sew. It's much easier to staple your cardigan back together.

Be mysterious not weird. Spending your nights fighting crime while dressed up like a giant bat is mysterious. Standing in a corner being really hot and aloof at a party is just weird.

Rule of the Day: Never let friends ride unicycles, wear onesies, or watch Dancing with the Stars marathons.

Only get sick during rainy days, jury duty or extended lab sessions

Make yourself heard. Tact is overrated.

Always have the last word. It's more important to stand your ground than to be right.

Know your geography. New Mexico is not actually part of Mexico.
Stay friends with your ex. It's a great way to meet new guys and make him jealous at the same time.

Do things in the appropriate order. Study before your final.  Drink beer before liquor. Buy clothes before you wear them.

Always fake name your professor. That way, you won't get marked off when you're never in class. 

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