Marisa Rules
I'm sick and tired of people lecturing me about facebook etiquette. It's not my fault your mom can see what I post on your wall.  I say shake things up. Try the... 
following status updates and see what happens: 
My room is on fire! 
My court appearance is today.  
My doctor says VD is curable! 
My roommate made-out with a girl last night. 

Change your status from 'in a relationship' to 'single' without clearing it with him first. See how he reacts.

Post nude photos, if they don't get censored complain to facebook.

There are, however, three rules that need to be followed:
Don't friend your mom.
Don't friend your mom's friends.
Don't complain to your friends about inappropriate postings. It's your fault you friended you mom.
3/12/2010 06:14:31 am

don't friend your friends' mom either.

3/13/2010 07:56:38 am

My aunt sent me a friend request about 4 months ago...i still haven't replied. What is she thinking?


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