Marisa Rules
Being a science major exposes you to a lot of different types of people, including nerdy, dorky, socially awkward guys who don't know what a real date is. Rest ...
assured, being lab partners does not qualify as a date. Taking a break from studying and running into someone at the soda machine does not qualify as a date. So if you are a girl stuck in a major that is primarily made up of awkward guys, here are some tips:

  1. If you talk to them, they will think you like them.
  2. If you smile at them, they will think you like them.
  3. If you talk to them outside the classroom in a public place, they will think you are going out.
So what do you do come finals time when you have group projects and you absolutely have to interact with them?

  1. Do not ever meet them in their dorm room.
  2. Under no circumstances do you let them know where you live.
  3. End all conversations with, "This does not mean I like you." 
2/27/2010 12:25:02 pm

It's just one guy you are having a problem with. don't stereo type all nerds like that.


Hi great readingg your post


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