Marisa Rules
1) Start a club that the college will give lots of money to, ie. anything to do with diversity. For example, the Interracial Poets Society or the  Neurobiologists for Multiracial Awareness Club.

2) Create a fake budget of posters, food, party decorations, sodas, fake flowers, paper weights. Stay within the norm, don't go renting out a music hall and expect them to pay you $20,000.

3) Buy these things. Get the receipts. Return them, but make sure you still have receipts.

4) Submit receipts to college for reimbursement.

5) Get reimbursed and use the money to buy booze.

Now despite your best efforts from preventing students from knowing that your club exists, people will find it and join and  expect you to be interested in their poetry about multiracial issues. When this happens, quit. Start a new club about gender issues.

11/26/2010 10:18:41 am

many people used to play for Manchester United, arch rivals of my team Liverpool. So I'm afraid you're asking the wrong person! them that do the wrong-sth. so we must be strong.


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