Marisa Rules
Pirates are better than ninjas. They live by their own rules, not some snobby code of honor.They can kick ass when they're drunk. They don't have to shower. They...
have boats, parrots, and an immunity to motion sickness. They don't need a cause to start a fight. They pillage. They make people walk the plank. They have both hooks and swords. Ninjas only wear black. Pirates can wear whatever they want as long as it's dirty. You've never seen a ninja drink rum. There's no National Dress like a Ninja Day. There are many famous pirates such as Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, Dread Captain something (ie. Wesley). Who are the famous ninjas? A bunch of turtles? Lame! Pirates are better than ninjas.

3/5/2010 02:27:52 am

I'm getting the impression you want to be a pirate because you don't want to bathe.

3/15/2010 05:21:58 am

But Chuck Norris beats both pirates and ninjas. Winner.


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